> Share our knowledge, perspectives and experiences to expand our awareness.
> Support, inspire, and empower each other.
> Socialize and network.
> Gather together online for virtual events to enlighten up, anchor our energy, and raise the vibration - both personally and collectively.

While we may not have the same interests or beliefs, what we do have in common is we’re all searching for answers, we’re all learning how to live more consciously, and we all feel the need to meet and connect with Kindred Spirits.

It's free to join our COMmunity, so close this page and click on CyberCOM (top right corner) to register now. We look forward to meeting you!

CommUNITY Spirit

Have fun and help us continue to grow a sense of community spirit by logging in your visits from any location onboard C.S.ONE. Whether you choose to share an experience you had on the Station, or simply enter the location you explored, Visitors Logs connect us. There's always comfort in knowing you are not alone. The presence of others is what transforms a virtual online experience into a real time commUNITY homestead! By logging in your visits you also become eligible for a chance to win our random giveaways, including assigned Guest Quarters and Avatars!

Get On Board

Get on board as a CyberCOM VIP (Very Involved Participant) and/or Volunteer Crew and joy all the benefits and rewards. 

VIPs include:
​> Hosts for Group Talks

Volunteer Crew includes:
> Emissaries of the LightWeavers Coalition
> CyberCOMmunity Leaders (Monitors the Topic Boards.)
> Unity Alliance Ambassadors (Networks and spreads the word on social media.)

Benefits And Rewards

All VIP's and Volunteer Crew are gifted their annual C.S.ONE Passport, which includes virtual VIP Quarters (Deck 1 - Level 2), and an Avatar!
CyberCOM - C.S.ONE's COMmunication System, provides the opportunity for those who choose to be part of a global conscious community to connect online and enjoy all of the benefits that come with unity. Together we can: