Entertainment is provided in the Café & Eatery and Lounge, located on Deck 4 - Level 1: Promenade, as well as the Theater and Cinema on Deck 2 - Level 1: Cultural Arts Center. Plus, uplifting and informative videos are provided in almost every location on C.S.ONE.​ For our live, virtual events and socials (participants can dial-in toll free or connect online), please click here now, or use the "CALENDAR" link on the Interface (menu bar) below the Station.

Note: The videos that appear throughout C.S.ONE were selected for their high IQ (Inspiration Quota), based on content, creativity and quality.
Meditation - Journeys - Activations

Deck 7 - Level 2: Spiritual Center in Sacred Grounds:

> An Inner-Journey Through Movement And Sound (in the Dream Lodge)

> The Violet Flame Purification Journey (in the Purification Bath)

> Meditate and Rejuvenate in the Meditation Garden, Paradise Falls, and Inspiration Path (in Serenity Park)

Deck 2 - Level 2: Holistic Health Center

> Chakra Activations (click on "TOPICS OF INTEREST")
Oracle Card Readings

> Nature Spirits Oracle Cards on Deck 7 - Level 2: Sacred Grounds in the Earth Lodge

> "Anything Is Possible" Activation Cards on Deck 3 - Level 1: Empowerment Center
Special Features

Deck 7 - Level 3: Celestial Treasury

> Make an energetic gratitude deposit or withdrawal in the Gratitude Bank

Deck 7 - Level 2: Spiritual Center in Sacred Grounds

> Inscribe a Peace Scroll in the Peace Pyramid

> Walk a Virtual Labyrinth (courtesy of The Labyrinth Society)

> Play Along Drum Music is provided in the Drum Lodge

Personal Logs (accessible from the Deck Menus in almost every location on the Station)

A Journaling Experience with Crystalline Energy: When you have an experience onboard C.S.ONE (or in your life) that inspires you, makes you happy or sad, angers you or fills you to the brim with happiness, brings up old "stuff " or just starts to get you thinking, it's time for some R&R... Release & Rejuvenation!

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