Please Note:
The Station is filled with mood music and animations. Pages may take a few seconds to load.
Parental discretion is advised. Videos - other than those in the Youth Center - may
include language or content that is not appropriate for children.
N A V I G A T I O N  Q U I C K  T I P S
Transport Lift Control Panel
To move about the Station, use the buttons on the Control Panel (under the Deck Plate).
​Point And Click
Move your cursor around the screen to search for active links. Click on signs, doors, and inside entryways to proceed.
Entertainment And Interactive Virtual Activities 
For featured offerings and where to find them, click “ENTERTAINMENT AND ACTIVITIES”
on the Interface (menu bar) below the Station.
Video Playlists
To choose a video from a playlist, click the three horizontal bars in the top left corner.
COM System
C.S.ONE’s Communications System is below the Station. Log in to chat or post!
Site Map
For our site map, click the Station icon in the bottom left corner.
To search by topic, click the C.S.ONE logo (locator) in the top left corner.
Return Links
To return, instead of the back link on your browser, always use the Deck Plate, links and arrows provided on our pages.
Deck Plate
The Deck Plate is above the Station and displays your location.
Click it to return to the Deck Lobby, and to access the Transport Lift Control Panel.
Scroll To Stroll
Some locations are equipped with moving walkways (horizontal scroll bars).