T H E  H E A L I N G  S T O N E
Don't worry about grammar, spelling or punctuation, just start typing whatever you're thinking and feeling and keep on going. Include any prayers, blessings, and healing requests for yourself and/or others (if it's for somebody specific, enter their names as well). If you're angry, scared and frustrated you can express that too. Conclude with a note of gratitude or something positive to help shift your vibration and open yourself up to receiving healing and support energy. (Nothing you enter is ever saved, downloaded or uploaded anywhere. This is a personal and private offering.)
Note: If you're going to do journey work, as always, please make sure you fully return when your finished.
When you're finished typing, click on any piece of turquoise. Your entry will disappear, the energy it held will be released, and your requests/intentions/prayers will be transmitted. If possible, take some time to relax or meditate to the music, and as you begin to feel your own vibration rise, be open to receiving the energetic healing and support you need, and embrace the rejuvenation process.
For "The Healing Stone" experience, the turquoise in the photo above serves as a conduit for the vibrational energy that emanates from all crystals, minerals and gemstones. To request support from your guides and/or energetic healing from your Higher-Self/Source, release negativity, inspire hope and comfort, and to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, click inside the text bar below. (The text bar scrolls, so the amount you can type is unlimited.)
Note: Scroll for music that will enhance your experience. To return, click the Lightship Unity.