The doctors, psychologists and even religious leaders who have pioneered what is now the field of intentional healing, have discovered through scientific research and real life experience that positive intent is a medically sound course of treatment, as well as a vital part of the healing process. Programs and techniques have been developed on how to focus thought, intention, prayer, and even hope to heal the physical body.
About Intentional Healing
Expectation vs. Intention
It’s important to note the distinction between “intention” and “expectation”, as the two are often confused.  With expectation we envision or “expect” an outcome, which typically is designed by the ego based on how the “expectation” will affect our own lives. What we want to happen, or believe should happen, also plays into it. We’re usually not aware that our ego is actively involved, and in fact may have little or no control over whether it is or not. Expectation can often times lead to disappointment.
Intention involves conscious thought in which we don’t limit ourselves to certain outcomes or results. It is the starting point of every hope and dream, and a powerful tool for manifesting with clarity. Intentions are guideposts we set in place to help us reach our goals. However, the journey and destination are allowed to unfold naturally, and aren’t controlled.
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