Post Guidelines For Free Healing/Energy Circles
Click the link above to create a Sign Up Post. When the page opens, click “New Topic” and enter your text. (If you've created an "Event" on Facebook, or want people to register on your website, be sure to include those links, as well as the attendance link or dial-in number. If you want to host your offering on CyberCOM, please contact us.) For continuity, always post Eastern Time (ET). If you're unsure, consult the time zone converter. The last step is to copy the Sign Up post url (web address) so you can include it when you post your event on the Calendar.
Note: Keep in mind that it could take up to 48-hours for an event to be reviewed and posted. If you cancel your event, please delete the Calendar and Sign Up post.
All events posted on the calendar should be free offerings. Although it is expected that facilitators will be providing links to their social media pages, websites, blogs, etc. so folks can find them online and utilize their services, please do not post Weaving The Light events if you're going to be marketing, advertising or networking at your circle.
Click “Add New Event”, then “Ranged Event” (second option down). Make sure the LightWeavers Calendar has been selected. Enter your details in the sections provided. For the time zone, choose "(GMT-5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)" if it's not pre-selected, then enter the hour based on ET). Don't forget to include the url for your Sign Up post! To edit your post at any time, click "Edit Event" (it's on the "Event Options" drop down menu).
During your event, please access the "Healing And Prayers Requests Post" and recite each name that's been entered there since the last event (scroll down the list for the new entries). Then click "Reply" and post an acknowledgement that healing and prayers have been sent so the next facilitator knows where to begin. 
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