Turquoise can benefit the whole body on all levels (physical, emotional and energetic). It's used to: balance and align the chakras (energy centers); support nutrient absorption; enhance the fucntioning of the immune system; neutralize viral infections; regenerate tissue; reduce anti-inflammation, and much more!
Healing With Turquoise (Continued)
As a purification stone, turquoise dispels negative energy, and can detoxify poison, atmospheric pollution, and radiation in the body. It can be used for instilling inner calmness, and helps with depression and exhaustion.
Included in it’s healing capacity to improve a person’s overall mental state is an increase in empathy and positive thinking, as well as strengthening convictions, courage, and personal power.
Turquoise is such a comprehensive healing tool there are too many specific uses to provide here, thus we recommend doing some research of your own. The details we chose to include are in direct alignment with the Healing Stone experience.
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