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C.S.ONE’s Intuitive Readers Network will offer a wide variety of readings that are provided with integrity and compassion. Always confidential, readings will take place in a private VideoChat meeting room. You can connect online or dial in. Toll free international numbers are provided. Audio recordings will also be available for a nominal fee.

Readers will be standing by, or you’re welcome to schedule in advance. All sessions can be booked and are payable online. Intuitive guidance is provided in either 20-minute ($30) or 45-minute ($60) blocks, with additional minutes offered at $1.50 each (providing the Reader has the time available before their next session).

We look forward serving you, and intuit that you’re going to love this network!

Terms And Conditions

The purpose of an authentic Intuitive Reading is to get insight, clarity and new perspectives that will enable you to make empowering decisions based on your life as a whole. Please do not get a reading here if you’re simply looking for somebody to tell you what you want to hear. Readers can’t wave a magic wand and do all the inner-work for you. Nobody can tell you for certain what the future will bring or what effect a decision will have on your life - you still have to discern for yourself and keep in mind that the future is constantly being created.

Payment is due in advance. Refunds will not be provided. If you are completely dissatisfied with your reading we will schedule a session for you with another provider. Please note that energy work is not included in this policy. This courtesy will be provided you one time only and at the discretion of the network’s administators.

Please note that prices are subject to change in the future.


Intuitive readers are not medical doctors or mental health practitioners. If you're suffering from any type of illness or physical condition, depression, anxiety, or feel like you're losing control, please consult your doctor or a mental health professional as soon as possible. C.S.ONE, CyberCOM, the intuitive readers, and our sponsors are not responsible or liable for the consequences of your choices and actions as a result of your session(s).
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