Welcome to CyberCOM, a FREE members-only Forum and COMmunications System, where we can
share our knowledge and perspectives, explore common interests, and socialize in REAL TIME.
Bringing people together for personal and planetary healing, development and transformation.
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We just launched
and need SocialLights
and CyberTalk Hosts to
schedule online events!
Participants can dial-in (International numbers are provided for toll free access), or text chat online. We're computer, tablet, ipad and cell phone accessible.
Opportunity Knocks
Please join us in weaving a
World Wide Web of Light,
providing energetic healing,
hope and comfort!
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Help spread the word: TALK ABOUT IT!
Help spread the word: TALK ABOUT IT!
It’s lots of fun and
includes VIP benefits,
plus we’re here to help
every step of the way.
We’ve posted easy to
follow guidelines, and
we’re starting things off
with a few offerings of
our own so you can
see how it's done.
You won’t want to miss
any of the fun and
inspiration, so check
the Calendar for all
dates and times, then
sign up to attend!
In The Works: Net-Video Shows
Watch or listen online to a
variety of composed music
video playlists. Get those
good vibrations going with
new age and world music,
blues, folk, rock, and more.
Do you have a passion for
inspiring others? Create a
LightLog on CyberCOM
and illuminate the paths of
all those needing something
uplifting to help make their
lives a little “lighter”.
G r o u p  T a l k s
V o i c e C h a t
Talk About It!
CyberCOM is a space for new age enthusiasts, spiritualists, healers, tree-huggers, truth seekers, mystics, Lightworkers, and all those on the path of self-discovery to make friends and socialize.
Based on topics of interest, Group Talks can be one-time offerings or recurring. They're either Discussions, Debates, Mind Melds, Swaps or Meetings. To attend, dial-in or connect online.
Tune In
An online offering,
The Conscious
Community Center is
a portal for our virtual
events, along with:
live streams (followed
by group discussions);
healing circles and
guided meditations;
intuitive guidance;
hobby time; art and
entertainment; plus,
giveaways & more!