Every visitor is welcome to explore C.S.ONE and enjoy all of the Station’s interactive activities absolutely free, including CyberCOM's chat system and all of our virtual events! 
The proceeds generated from C.S.ONE Passports are used to support the maintenance, management, and ongoing development of C.S.ONE, CyberCOM, and the CWBN (CyberWaves Broadcasting Network). In addition, $11 from every C.S.ONE Passport is donated to our Community Funding Foundation. (For further information visit the Station's Business Center located on Deck 1 - Level 1.) Your support is very greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Visitors who can help support our efforts by securing their C.S.ONE Passport with a donation of $111 will receive the following benefits:
C.S.ONE Passport Benefits
Note: Please be registered on CyberCOM so we can activate your C.S.ONE Passport!
Vip Quarters on board C.S.ONE (Deck 1 - Level 2).
Their choice of two avatars.
Visitors are welcome to visit! There is a Social Lounge where occupants and their guests can VoiceChat. All visitors are eligible for our monthly raffle, and can submit a ticket from any occupant's quarters for a chance to be assigned Guest Quarters of their own!
C.S.ONE's virtual quarters include a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Occupants get to choose from a variety of interiors, and have exclusive access to the Station's healing room, spa and salt water pool, and virtual events offered monthly for both occupants and their guests
One monthly Grab Bag Gift!
When you donate $111 you become a C.S.ONE Passport Holder!
If you wish to donate more, please click here now.