> Vip Quarters on board C.S.ONE (Habitation Ring: Deck 1 - Level 2).
> Access to the Social Lounge where occupants and their guests can VoiceChat. 
Visitors are welcome to visit, and can submit a raffle ticket from any occupant's quarters for a chance to be assigned quarters of their own!
C.S.ONE's virtual quarters include a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Occupants get to choose from a variety of interiors, and have exclusive access to the Station's healing room, spa and salt water pool.
C.S.ONE Passports are our way of showing gratitude for the participation of C.S.ONE explorers, and their ongoing visits to the Station.

Annual C.S.ONE Passports are secured with Station Tokens that are earned by attending our free virtual socials and activities, making entries in our Visitors Logs (accessible from almost every deck menu), or joining our volunteer crew. (Details are provided in the Business Center on Deck 1 - Level 1 in the Employment Office.)
C.S.ONE Passport Benefits
> Exclusive virtual events offered monthly for occupants and their guests.
> An avatar to greet you in your quarters!
Station Tokens
> 5 Tokens: Earns assigned Guest Quarters
> 7 Tokens: Earns an Avatar to greet you
> 11 Tokens: Earns a second Avatar and your C.S.ONE Passport!!!