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Every visitor is welcome to explore C.S.ONE and enjoy all of the Station’s interactive activities absolutely free, including CyberCOM's VoiceChat system and all of our virtual events held live online!
The proceeds generated from C.S.ONE Passports are used to support the maintenance, management, and ongoing development of C.S.ONE, CyberCOM, and the CWBN (CyberWaves Broadcasting Network). In addition, $1 from every C.S.ONE Passport is donated to our Community Funding Foundation. (For further information visit the Station's Business Center located on Deck 1 - Level 1.) Your support is greatly appreciated!

Note: If you are truly unable to donate due to financial difficulties, please contact us and we'll gift you your C.S.ONE Passport.

Visitors can help support our efforts by securing their annual C.S.ONE Passport with a donation of $11. In light of our gratitude, C.S.ONE Passport holders receive the following benefits:
C.S.ONE Passport Benefits
To secure your C.S.ONE Passport you need to be registered on CyberCOM!
C.S.ONE Passports make great gifts and include a personalized musical greeting card!
C.S.ONE Passports
Note: After confirming your registration via email, scroll down the page
and click "C.S.ONE Passports" under the category "C.S.ONE".
Eligibility for giveaways when they participate in our virtual events, and when making entries in the Visitor Logs while exploring the Station. Giveaways could include assigned Guest Quarters onboard C.S.ONE (Deck 1 - Level 2).
Exclusive access to monthly gifts (the link is under the category "C.S.ONE" in the column on the left), including channeled group messages, guided meditations, recorded presentations, music and more. The gifts are archived, which means C.S.ONE Passport Holders can also enjoy all of the gifts provided prior to the month they made their donation, starting in January, 2017!
Only C.S.ONE Passports holders can make reservations to host private CyberGatherings onboard the Station, and create "Hot Topics" for CyberCOM's Topic Boards.
Discounts on all of our live workshops held online.
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Providing energetic healing,
- A Global Coalition -
hope and comfort.
In The SpotLight:
The spotlight is on
author Jill Mattson, an
accomplished musician,
composer, artist, and
widely recognized
expert in the emerging
field of Sound Healing.
As a presenter and
workshop facilitator,
Jill draws from her
extensive research
of secret societies,
ancient cultures,
antiquities & scientific
discovery to unveil the
hidden mysteries of
sound and vibration.

Click the book cover
to visit Jills website!
An online offering,
The Conscious
Community Center is
a portal for our virtual
events, along with:
live streams (followed
by group discussions);
healing circles and
guided meditations;
intuitive guidance;
hobby time; art and
entertainment; plus,
giveaways & more!