You may have visited websites or chat rooms where users can create or upload their own characters - or avatars - to represent themselves. However, the definition of "avatar" is:
Our Avatars are in the works!
> An embodiment, as of a quality or concept.
> An archetype.
> The incarnation of a divine being.
> The deliberate descent into lower realms of existence for special purposes.
In that light, on C.S.ONE avatars are just that - AVATARS! Offerings include: angels; fairies; animal medicine guides; ETs; representatives from different time periods and cultures (an Egyptian Princess, for example, for those who feel a connection to their past lives) - even a few yogis and gurus. Some Avatars may be service specific, offering protection, or attracting prosperity or romance.

An Avatar can only be seen by a visitor in their private Guest or VIP Quarters. Avatars include speech bubbles, with messages such as, “Know you are truly loved.”, or “Stay positive!”, or “You’re such a goddess!" C.S.ONE's Avatars are intended to become friendly companions providing encouragement, support, and inspiration.

Avatars are attained with Station Tokens, which are earned by attending our free virtual socials and activities (participants can dial-in toll free or connect online), visiting the Station and logging in your visits from our deck menus, or joining our volunteer crew (visit the Employment Office in the Business Center on Deck 1 - Level 1 for details). So join in on the fun and include these animated multi-dimensional beings in YOUR on board experience!