Purification Journey
As we embark on our journey we will invoke The Violet Flame, a metaphysical alchemical tool that's been used for eons to assist in
energetic cleansing and protection. It can be called upon to purify our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, sacred space,
our home, office, vehicle, etc. This virtual online experience takes place in the Purification Bath onboard C.S.ONE.
If you’re running late or unable to attend, please follow the instructions below to experience the event on your own.
The "virtual" doors will re-open for the social following the Purification Journey.

> Go to: www.explorecsone.com
Proceed to Deck 7 – Level 2: The Spiritual Center.
> Click the “SACRED GROUNDS” sign.
> Click "Purification Bath" then click to embark on your journey!
This event includes creating sacred space, doing energy work, and taking an inner-journey. In that light, once the circle is opened, the
virtual "doors" will be closed. If you’re running late, instructions on how to participate on your own are at the bottom of the page.