Monthly Gratitude Gifts
Just our way of saying "Thank You"
for securing your C.S.ONE Passport!
Exclusively for C.S.ONE Passport Holders.
G I F T S  A R C H I V E
A Note Of Caution
Never attempt to meditate, journey or do energy work if you’re feeling apprehensive.
Take responsibly for your experience by calling in your guides and gatekeepers (protectors),
and always ground yourself (fully return) when it's time to come back in body.
January, 2017
Our monthly gifts are archived, with unlimited access provided to C.S.ONE Passport Holders,
including all the past month's offerings, starting January, 2017.
Many gifts are in the form of embedded sound files which will play automatically, although there
could be a brief delay. To adjust the volume you need to use the controls on your speakers or computer.
Please note that our sound files are not compatible with the Safari browser.
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