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Host Guidelines
Based on topics of interest, Group Talks last an hour and can be one-time offerings or recurring (weekly, bi-monthly or monthly). A Group Talk can be a Discussion, Debate, Mind Meld (Ex: Brainstorming), Swap (Ex: Recipes, Patterns, Tips), or Meeting. Participants can dial-in toll free, or attend online in the VoiceChat meeting room.

Note: Please contact us if you need any help. We appreciate your efforts and hope you enjoy your VIP rewards!

Getting Started

Once you’ve decided on the type of Group Talk you want to host, you’ll need to come up with a: (1) short descriptive title (for example, "Solar Heating"; (2) brief description of the topic(s) for discussion; (3) date and time.

Note: Do not host a Group Talk to advertise products or services, although you’re welcome to share a link to your website/blog/media or other resources pertaining to the topic.

Schedule Your Group Talk

Step 1: Create A Sign Up Post

When you're ready to create a Sign Up post, click the link above. When the page opens, click “New Topic” and:

> For the “Topic Subject”, enter the type of talk and your title (Example - Discussion: Solar Heating)
> Click inside the text editor and enter the day, date, time, and ZONE. (Example - Monday, March 7th, 8 p.m., ET)
> Note: For continuity, always post Eastern Time (ET). Time Zone Converter
> Click "Enter" twice on your keypad, then provide a description.
> Tip: If you want to include a photo to make your post more inviting, it will be easier if you add the photo first.
> Copy the url (web address) from your browser to include in your Calendar post.

Step 2: Post Your Group Talk On The Calendar

Note: Plan ahead. It could take up to 48-hours for a Group Talk to be reviewed and appear on the Calendar. (We'll also add an attendance link to your calendar post once it's approved.)

> When the Calendar opens, scroll to the section titled "Select Action" and choose the "Group Talk" Calendar.
> Click “Add New Event”, then “Ranged Event” (second option down). Enter your details in the sections provided.
  Tip: For the time zone, choose "(GMT-5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)".
> Don't forget to include the url for the Sign Up!

To edit your post at any time, click "Edit Event" (it's on the "Event Options" drop down menu).

Help Spread The Word

Now all you need is participants! Invite your friends on social media and let them know that it’s free to register on CyberCOM, and encourage them to do so the day before your talk so they can get familiar with our VoiceChat technology. When you VoiceChat in topic related meeting rooms, be sure to mention your upcoming Group Talk!

If two days prior to your scheduled Group Talk there's not at least two participants signed up, please
remove it from the Calendar (also on the "Event Options" dropdown menu), and delete your Sign Up Post.
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