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Holding The Intention
LightKeepers always log in at the beginning of their shift so that anybody in crisis and all those who need energetic healing or support can see that somebody is there holding the intention, or that the vibration is still flowing from prior shifts. To log in, access the Shift Roster, click “Reply”, and enter the city/state you’re in. If you wish you can also include:
You'll need a glass jar with a lid. Fill it with water, then place it in the space you'll be using during your shift. Here's why: Scientists have been able to prove that water can not only be programmed and imprinted with specific energy frequencies, it has memory as well. In that light, the water will serve as a conduit to hold the intentional energy and vibration until the next LightKeeper takes their shift. (Once the next shift has been taken you may want to drink it.)
When holding an intention for manifestation, focus your thoughts solely on the flow of positive energy – not the how(s), where(s), why(s), when(s), what(s), or who(s) – just the INTENT. If a thought comes in that’s not in alignment with the intention, release it, block it, or put it out of your mind and refocus on positivity.
The Experience
After you log in your shift and get comfortable, begin by reciting the first manifestation statement below (or your own), either out loud or silently. Repeat it a few times (or longer as a mantra), then immerse yourself in the energy of positivity. This can be done by simply relaxing or meditating – with or without music, and by envisioning the manifestation. As always, if you're going to journey during your shift, make sure you fully return when you’re done.
Preparing For Your Shift

an uplifting meditation video (music only please) that you can embed from YouTube.
a photo with a positive message or a beautiful image (nature photography, a mandala, painting, etc.) which can be your own creation or something you want to share from FaceBook.
a gratitude statement, blessing, or inspirational message, poem or short story.
a description of something you'll be doing during your shift if it helps you hold the intention and raise the vibration, such as: Reiki; drumming; smudging; chanting; dancing; playing the crystal bowl; ceremony; etc.
You’re also welcome to edit your login post when your shift is over to share your experience!
Manifestation Statements
Every person, life form, and Mother Earth exists in a state of inner-peace and wellness.
Write down the manifestation statements from the last section on the page (and/or any you may have written yourself), and the “envisioning” suggestions (optional).
Make sure a quiet comfortable space will be available where there won’t be any distractions so you can meditate, do energy work, or simply relax and focus on holding the intention. (You may want a candle lit and incense or sage burning.)
An sense of empowerment, connectedness, and wholeness is enjoyed by all.
We all exist as conscious beings with self-awareness, and live harmoniously at a high vibration.
Envision rays of pure light channeled directly from Source (Spirit, Angels, Holy Being, or whatever resonates with you the most) beaming down and shining on everybody and everything. 
Envision a warm, soft, cozy blanket woven out of strands of light wrapped around the planet and all her inhabitants.
Envision beautiful, loving, light source energy emanating from the earth (sun, moon, trees, your Higher-Self, Inner Goddess, being sent out from your heart center, etc).
Your participation and service is greatly appreciated. May your LightKeeper shift flow with Divine Light...
In the last section of this page you’ll find “Manifestation Statements” that will help you hold the intention throughout your shift. You’re also welcome to include your own, however, keep in mind it can be challenging to write statements of pure intent. You may want to get started a few days prior to your shift, then put the statements away for a while. When you re-read them you may discover that they need to be edited despite your best efforts – mine did!
Using the intention of manifesting abundance as an example, you might think to say, “I have the money I need to pull myself out of the hole I’m in.” However, that’s a positive-negative, which isn’t in alignment with the intention. Instead, you want to use a positive-positive, such as: “I have the money for everything I want and need to live a whole and happy life.” You should also be mindful of negative-positives, such as “I release all blocks to abundance.” Although that may be helpful when doing inner-work related to clearing, an appropriate manifestation statement would be, “I am an open conduit for abundance.”
L I G H T K E E P E R  G U I D E L I N E S
About The LightKeeper's Shift
L i g h t W e a v e r s
A Global Coalition Providing Energetic Healing, Hope And Comfort.
The Lightship Unity Presents:
The LightKeeper's shift is 55-minutes (although you may remain in service as long as you wish), with twenty-four shifts to be filled, 365-days a year! You don’t need experience doing energy work or be a healing practitioner to take a shift. You simply need to resonate with our collective mission and be commited to participating in this inspiring experience.
Note: To return, click the Lightship Unity!
(No thought should be given to any obstacles or challenges.)
(No thought should be given to anybody or anything that needs to be healed.)
Note: You may want to let others know when your shift is so they can join you by accessing the Shift Roster and reciting the manifestation statements posted there, or simply tap in energetically.
Note: An "Appointment" is a Shift.
T H E  L I G H T S H I P  U N I T Y