Everybody has a “warrior spirit”. Occasionally there are those who channel it to commit violent crimes or express rage in a way that inflicts pain on others. Some bury it so deep down inside they don’t even know it’s there until they absolutely need it. Yet for most, their warrior spirit serves and supports them well. Often times they’ll call upon it to help them accomplish their goals, and provide the strength and vigilance they need to endure and persist during times of crisis. When accessed from a state of gratitude, that same warrior spirit empowers and guides them, serving as a conduit for the Inner-Light that illuminates their path.

While we truly honor the warrior spirit, that has nothing to do with being a warrior. Only a warrior is a WARRIOR! Just as we all have the capacity to heal, we are not all practitioners, and those who have expended the time, energy and expense to become “healers” would be the first to agree. In the same regard, anybody can teach, learn how to play an instrument or mold clay, and even gain the knowledge they need to work in the fields of mathematics or the sciences. However, that doesn’t mean they will become a competent teacher or a gifted musician or artist, and it certainly does not make them a genius, just as having a “warrior spirit” doesn’t make somebody a LightWarrior.

LightWarriors – The Multidimensional Lightworkers

There are many who become enamored with the idea of being a warrior. They feel it will make them appear stronger, braver, and more powerful. They believe it will bring them esteem and respect. But those who have walked the path know that it’s quite the opposite. There is little acknowledgement or glory for LightWarrriors, who have to work covertly, and usually lead very isolated lives. More often than not they’re having to protect those who are not awake, aware, or either, because despite good intentions there are serious repercussions to carelessly working out of body and in other vibrations without proper protection. Warriors Of The Light are often shunned, and looked upon with fear and judgment, because the thought that there is even a need for protection throws the ideology of others into chaos. Ego is a luxury that LightWarriors simply cannot indulge in.

Although violence is always only used as a last resort, multidimensional combat comes with the territory – therein lies the designation, WARrior. Although the human manifestation of “war” is merely a metaphor for how combat ensues on an energetic level (there is no way for us to define how that looks from a human perspective), suffice it to say the result is the same. Nobody functioning from a higher state of consciousness experiences joy or satisfaction from violence of any kind. The simple fact of the matter is, a warrior will do whatever it takes to get the job done. And for the LightWarrior, defeat is not an option, as their mission - their "soul" objective - is FREEDOM. Freedom from a fear-based matrix where pain and suffering are accepted as a means of learning and growing, because all memory of what it is to be Light in body has been blocked… Freedom from a collective UNconsciousness based on karma, an addictive “drama” that enslaves souls and uses their energy (dark emotions) to feed the forces that control the program.

While here in body, Warriors Of The Light are in service just like all other Lightworkers, raising the vibration to reactivate our cellular memories and infuse the matrix with Light-Source energy. However, the master computer (program) still has to be “rebooted” back to its original code, and that can only be done at multidimensional levels. And while there are scientists and engineers working diligently on that in other vibrations, medical personnel and Ambassadors Of Light sending healing and support energy to and from beings in a multitude of realities, rescue teams moving through timelines searching for captured souls and missing crew, they are all under constant attack.

Base Camp 111 is both a refuge and operations center for members of the Resistance with conscious awareness of their multidimensional existence and lives. They can use CyberCOM - C.S.ONE's COMmunications System - to regroup, locate other members of their individual crews and special task forces, plus debrief and exchange whatever details and information they can remember/download about the mission. These are critical times for all Freedom Fighters. Warriors Of The Light... UNITE!

From the perspective of Cayce Jean Shostak, CyberCOM's Administrator and Chief Of Operations for C.S.ONE.




Visit the Sector for Higher-Self Exploration onboard C.S.ONE and explore the
Warriors Of The Light Headquarters on Deck 6 - Level 1 in the Consciousness Center!
Of all the missing pieces you gather on your quest for consciousness,
the most inspiring is when you discover that YOU Are Not Alone!
Welcome to Base Camp 111...  LightWarriors UNITE!