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Angel Healing Waterfall Meditation

This 12-minute guided healing meditation will take you on a journey from the serene ocean beaches of your imagination into a beautiful forest, where you'll immerse yourself in springs beneath the waterfalls. Guided by Elizabeth Foley's voice, you'll experience a cleansing of each of your chakras (the body's energy centers), and return from your journey rejuvenated and empowered. May our gratitude gift for January, 2017, bring you inner peace, healing and rejuvenation...

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About The Contributor

Elizabeth J. Foley, EdM, MPH, is the owner of Divine Healing located in Nashua, New Hampshire. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner(R), certified Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, published author and presenter. As an international Angelologist and spokesperson for the celestial hierarchy, she conducts private angel readings and sessions and facilitates unique spiritual workshops and programs on angels, psychic development and soul therapy. Other services Elizabeth offers include private Reiki sessions, angel healing circles, and Intuitive Spiritual Counseling. Elizabeth holds Master Degrees in Counseling and Public Health from Boston University and is a doctoral candidate in Metaphysics at the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

The music was composed and recorded by Matt Pavolaitis, who acquired his BA in Sound Recording at the University of Massachusetts under the guidance of composer Paul Lehrman (Mix Magazine). Compounded with the knowledge of acoustics and music theory, Matt's composition “Cosmosis” won an Audio Engineering Society TEC award. After moving to Los Angeles Pavolaitis immediately began work at Media Ventures (Hans Zimmer’s studio) and 4th Street Studios with producer Jim Wirt (Fiona Apple, Incubus, No Doubt, Live). Matt’s music has been on several television programs and has had numerous mixing credits for both episodic television and feature films (Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Criminal Minds, Star Trek Enterprise, According To Jim, Alias, Felicity, 8 Simple Rules, Home Improvement, My Wife & Kids, Popular, etc). He has also worked on several independent movies. Eventually Matt ventured into music for meditation and the spiritual arts, composing pieces for Elizabeth Foley, Gerri Lynch, and many more.
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