Animal Medicine Journey

From a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, medicine is anything that supports one’s connection to Source, bringing insight, clarity, empowerment, and rejuvenation for the body, mind, and spirit. Animal Medicine reminds us to honor every living thing as a teacher. By observing the habits, activities, and actions of animals in their natural habitats, we can tap into the vital power or force that is inherent in nature, and gain valuable insights and lessons into how to live our own lives.

When you call upon the “medicine” or knowledge of any creature, you are asking to be in harmony with their essence. This must be done with humility and intuitiveness. In doing so you will receive the insight and guidance you need to apply that medicine to your present situation or circumstance, and attain the clarity that you seek.

About The Experience

A Note Of Caution: Never participate in any experience if you’re feeling apprehensive. Always journey responsibly by calling in your own guides and gatekeepers, and be sure to ground yourself (fully return) at the conclusion of your experience.

Inner work should be done someplace quiet and comfortable, where you won’t be distracted or interrupted. Once you’re ready, it’s customary to begin by creating sacred space and setting your intentions. This is often done by reciting an invocation, and therefore is the first step in the Animal Medicine Journey. Next, you'll enter the realm of nature, and then you’ll be ready to receive the medicine. Please note that when the music ends there will be a few moments of silence, followed by a chime to bring you back so you can ground yourself.

Setting The Intention

When setting the intention and calling in an animal medicine guide, let go of any expectations or preconceptions of who will show up, or what you envision a “powerful” animal guide to be. Know that you will receive exactly the medicine you need.

Keep in mind this is not an intuitive reading, where you ask questions about specific issues and circumstances in your life. Although there are circumstances where a guide will give you that opportunity, the intention is to graciously receive the guidance and clarity you seek to assist you on your path at this time.

Entering The Realm Of Nature

Following the invocation, you’ll be called to enter the realm and rhythms of nature: “Sacred Fire, Wind and Water. Sacred Earth, Embody Me.” Although it’s more common to remain still once you’ve entered a meditative state, in some instances (such as with trance dance) you can also incorporate movement. The Animal Medicine Journey can be such an experience.

Whether you choose to leap, swim, fly, slither, burrow, walk, or dance into the realm of nature, immerse yourself in the energy to raise your vibration, leaving all distractions and drama behind. Let go of everything that isn’t serving and supporting you. Don’t think about how and what, simply allow the music and chant to take you where you need to be, and become something wild… something free. In emulating an animal (or other creature) – even an element in nature, you can truly know what they know. Through the process their medicine will be transmuted, and so will you!

Receiving The Medicine

When seeking medicine – especially for the first time, you may or may not actually “see” a guide, so there’s no need to feel disappointed or think you did anything wrong. Visions of that nature often require a lot of practice over a period of time. However, the journey within is always worth taking, and the insight you receive will be invaluable, even if may not be evident or clear to you now.

In the days that follow, stay open to synchronicities (coincidences with a purpose, such as seeing a photo of your medicine guide pop up arbitrarily). Be sure to acknowledge them, and even get excited. The more you do, the more you’ll experience them. Animal guides will often “follow-up” to get your attention and remind you to take your medicine!

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