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Retrieve The Voice Of Your Soul

This guided meditation by Jill Mattson will take you deep within to retrieve the voice of your soul and connect with your Higher Self. Using this voice will enable you to download your higher dimensional celestial energy, and strengthen the "you of today".

When using this voice, watch your wisdom, consciousness and health accumulate. People will respond to you entirely differently, in a better fashion. Use this voice again and again to transform yourself with each inner voyage. With repeat listens, this meditation can be a powerful transformation tool, as you learn to tap into your own Divine potential every time you speak!

Guided Meditation with Jill Mattson
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About The Contributor

Jill Mattson is an accomplished musician, artist, author, and widely recognized expert and composer in the emerging field of Sound Healing. She lectures on the topics of vibration, consciousness, wellness, science, history, spirit, and matter, taking followers on an exciting journey through the incredible power and healing capabilities of sound. Unveiling secrets from ancient cultures as well as the latest findings of the modern scientific community, Jill draws from her extensive research and decades of studying antiquities and secret societies.
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In The SpotLight:
The spotlight is on
author Jill Mattson, an
accomplished musician,
composer, artist, and
widely recognized
expert in the emerging
field of Sound Healing.
As a presenter and
workshop facilitator,
Jill draws from her
extensive research
of secret societies,
ancient cultures,
antiquities & scientific
discovery to unveil the
hidden mysteries of
sound and vibration.

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