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CyberCOM… we’re putting the unity in COMmunity!

If you believe in mutual support and building community, that’s something we definitely have in common. CyberCOM is a hub for online groups and networks that want to grow and expand, while providing their members a space to connect in real time.

There's no room for competition consciousness here. It doesn’t matter how many groups or networks there are in social media, we each have our own style and appeal. To avoid getting lost in a saturated market, the key is to become as visible as possible to a targeted audience so the people who resonate with what you’re offering can find YOU! While individually you’re promotional efforts are limited to those in your own circle, "internetworking" on CyberCOM can help broaden your reach.

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Providing energetic healing,
- A Global Coalition -
hope and comfort.
In The SpotLight:
The spotlight is on
author Jill Mattson, an
accomplished musician,
composer, artist, and
widely recognized
expert in the emerging
field of Sound Healing.
As a presenter and
workshop facilitator,
Jill draws from her
extensive research
of secret societies,
ancient cultures,
antiquities & scientific
discovery to unveil the
hidden mysteries of
sound and vibration.

Click the book cover
to visit Jills website!
An online offering,
The Conscious
Community Center is
a portal for our virtual
events, along with:
live streams (followed
by group discussions);
healing circles and
guided meditations;
intuitive guidance;
hobby time; art and
entertainment; plus,
giveaways & more!