ET Phenomena: BR *31
Mermaids & Merfolk: BR *32
Musicians Network: BR *32
Wildlife: BR *31
Artisans Network: BR *31
Cooking Club: BR *31
Fairies & Fae: BR *31
Nutrition: BR *32
Environment: BR *31
Fitness Club: BR *31
Outdoors Club: BR *32
Photography Club: BR *33
Practitioners Network: BR *33
Travel Club: BR *33
Writers Network: BR *34
Gardening Club: BR *32
Natural Living: BR *33
History Club: BR *32
Indigos: BR *31
Labyrinth Network: BR *32
LightWarriors: BR *32
Medicine Wheel Network: BR *33
Mythology Club: BR *33
Astrology Club: BR *31
Book Club: BR *31
Drum Circle Network: BR *31
Gemstone Club: BR *32
Philosophy Club: BR *34
Science & Technology: BR *35
Starseeds: BR *33
Sweat Lodge Network: BR *34
Walk-Ins: BR *34
Judaica: BR *31
-  C Y B E R C O M M U N I T I E S  -
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Breakout Rooms (BR *3#)
D I A L - I N  C O N F E R E N C E  L I N E S
Guidelines are posted below.
A Note Of Caution
The folks you VoiceChat with are not medical specialists or mental health professionals (and if they are, they should not be participating in that capacity). Never take advice or information at face value - do your own research. Just because something does or doesn't work for somebody else does not mean it will or won't help you. If you participate in experiences where energy work is being done, use your intuition and discernment. If you feel uncertain or uneasy at any time you should not continue.
If you're suffering from a medical condition, have depression, anxiety, or feel like you're loosing control, consult a physician. You should always check with a medical professional before ingesting any substances if you're taking prescribed drugs, are pregnant, or have other medical conditions.
Guidelines For Truth Seekers
When sharing information, only use data you get from reliable sources. Participants should be prepared to interact without moving into a state of fear. Do not enter into heated debates or insult others for their perspectives. Do not make threats or insist that you are right. At the end of every conversation, if there are differences of opinion (and there will be), simply agree to disagree. No matter how "true" the data you've gathered appears, it's not going to resonate with everybody. What's important is that you give others something to think about, and learn something yourself in the process.
FEAR MONGERING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! If you don't know the difference between dispensing information and instigating fear, or if you're looking for a place to form an uprising, this is NOT the space for you.
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A note of caution is posted below.
Note: If your long-distance service provider charges for conference calls you'll be informed when you dial-in.
No Introductions Please: To avoid interruptions in the conversation, do not announce yourself as prompted.
Prevent Feedback Noise: 1) Don't talk with your speaker phone on; 2) Mute yourself when not talking (press *6 to mute/unmute).
To access a BR, press *3 and the breakout room number. (Example: *35 for BR 5)
Every meeting room has NINE Beakout Rooms, although some are reserved for SubCommunities and Group Sponsors.
(When you're in a Breakout Room, you'll hear a "ding" whenever somebody enters or exits the BR, but not the main room.)