Please Note
The Station is filled with mood music and animations. Pages may take a few seconds to load.
Parental discretion is advised. Videos - other than those in the Youth Center - may include language or content that is not appropriate for children.
To maximize your visit on C.S.ONE, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the layout of the Station,
and learn how to navigate around. Like any attraction, there’s a lot to discover and experience here.
C.S.ONE is designed for repeat visits and exploration.
> For our site map, click the Station icon in the bottom left corner. To search
by topic, click the C.S.ONE logo in the top left corner.
(You can also simply begin exploring, trusting you'll find yourself exactly where you need to be.)
(Navigation tips can also be accessed from the wheel icon in the bottom right corner at any time.)
> To return to the lobby or access the Lift, click the Deck Plate above the control panel.
(It displays the location you're in, which is currently DECK 4 - LEVEL 1: PROMENADE.)
(To visit other decks, scroll to ride the Transport Lift, or use the buttons on the control panel.)
To begin exploring now, click the Deck Plate.
For some of our special features, click the link above, or “ENTERTAINMENT AND ACTIVITIES”
on the Interface (menu bar) below the Station. For live, virtual offerings, click "CALENDAR".
> To exit the Transport Lift and enter the deck lobby, click the spiral on the smokey glass doors.