Chat Protocol
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When sharing information, beliefs, opinions, ideas, thoughts and feelings - be it yours or another’s - do so without devaluing, disrespecting, discriminating against, or discrediting anybody. Always check your attitude at the door so you don’t dump on others.
Note: To report a member click the CyberCOM banner, then "Contact Us" (the link is in the top left corner of the page). Once somebody has been reported by three members their profile will be removed, unless the violation requires that immediate action be taken. Thank you for helping to keep us all comfortable, safe and happy.
Vulgarity, profanity, or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
Never take the advice or information from others at face value. Do your own research, use your discernment, follow your intuition, and if necessary, seek the help of a professional.
No fear mongering! If you don’t know the difference between dispensing unpleasant information and instigating fear, then please contact us for further enlightenment on this subject.
Sharing your thoughts, perspectives, feelings and experiences (positive or negative) are part of what the CyberCOMmunity rooms are for. However, they're not the place for giving and receiving therapy sessions. Be sure the situation is appropriate for what you're sharing.
Note: If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or feel like your spinning out of control, you should consult your doctor or a mental health practitioner as soon as possible.
Do not enter into a discussion - be it verbal or written - with the intention of changing peoples' minds. When responding to something you disagree with or that doesn't resonate with you, please begin with a statement like “I disagree, and here’s why.” Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. After any respectful debating, wrap things up by saying: “I agree to disagree.” Let’s keep things “light”!
If you’re asked to leave a room do so immediately.
Always respect the privacy of others.
No advertising. You're always welcome to network and share resources. For free promotional opportunities, click the CyberCOM banner, then "Resource Depot" in the column on the left under the category "C.S.ONE".