> Shopping Mall on Deck 4: Level 1
> Planetarium and Science Museum on Deck 3: Level 1 in the Learning Center  (East Wing)
> Oceanography Center on Deck 3: Level 1 in the Nature Centers (North Wing) 
> Art Gallery and Studios on Deck 2: Level 1
We'll provide an invite link and R.S.V.P. post, plus we're here to help you every step of the way. So start putting together a guest list - your friends, family and colleagues are sure to be surprised when they find out they've been invited to connect on a virtual Space Station - how fun is THAT?!!!
Note: To board C.S.ONE participants will need Internet access. Please keep that in mind when planning your entertainment and activities. Attendees without Internet access will be able dial-in toll free to participate in the conversation.
C.S.ONE Entertainment
> Café & Eatery and Cyber Lounge on Deck 4: Level 1
> Cinema and Theater on Deck 2: Level 1
Entertainment on board the Station is provided in the:
Other ameneties and attractions include the:
For uplifting experiences provided on C.S.ONE, click here.
When planning your CyberGathering, get creative. Entertainment is provided on board C.S.ONE, as well as uplifting group experiences. Come up with a theme (example: a luau). Plan a fun activity (example: brain teasers)... have the attendees prepare something to eat so you can share a meal or snack together… do a “virtual gift” exchange (nobody buys anything - they each share a photo of a gift in the price range you decide on). You'll find some more suggestions below.
A CyberGathering can be a Celebration, Get-Together, Virtual Date or Meeting. Your guests will be able to AudioChat in a private conference room, plus create break-out rooms for private conversations (they'll have to exit the group room first but can return anytime). Anybody who attends can share links and photos, plus embed videos (documents can be uploaded as well for buiness meetings). If all of your guests are registered on CyberCOM they can also use the Instant Messenger. 
Are your friends and family scattered around the country or even the globe? Are you in a long distance relationship, or is your romantic interest out of town? Do you want a creative way to bring your coworkers or team members together? Get on board C.S.ONE and connect online with a CyberGathering!
Reservations For Private CyberGatherings Onboard C.S.ONE
> Have everybody wear a costume, hat, funny tie, etc.
> Ask your guests to bring something specific they can share a story about. (example: memorabilia items)
> Search for online games, quizzes, or novelities.
> Create a video playlist of songs everybody can dance to, or embed videos.
> Set up a gift registry. To “open” the gifts, each person can take a turn posting a  photo of the gift they purchased.

Click here for our Activity Board and share your ideas!
Suggestions For Planning Your CyberGathering