New Messages Have Been Posted
If you’ve joined multiple rooms and somebody posts a new message, a red circle will appear on the right side of that room in the Room Roster. The number inside the circle represents how many messages have been posted there. Once you return to that room the button will disappear.
You've Received A Private Message!
When somebody sends you a private message, “PRIVATE CHATS” will appear in the section on the left. That person’s Avatar and user name will appear there, along with a red circle indicating how many messages you have from them. Click their Avatar or name to reply.
How To Send A Private Message
Click the Private Chat Button to send a private message to a participant who's in the room with you. To exit from private chat, click the room in the Room Roster.
Private Chat Button
To select a participant who's NOT in the room you're in, click the "Chatting" or "Online" buttons, then either their name or Avatar. To return to any room, click the "Chats" button.
- T I P -
To remove anybody from
the Room Roster, hover
over their name. An "x" will
appear on the right. Click it!
Yoo-hoo, where are you?
To find out what room somebody is in, private message them!
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