Is Anybody Here?
Tip: The room you’re in will always be highlighed in bold white text.
Note: Oops, when you click the “Chatting” button the section below it disappears. To bring it back, click the “Chats” button.
Participants can add themselves to multiple rooms, so just because the Room Roster shows that somebody has "Joined" the room, it doesn't mean they're actually IN that room. To see who IS in the room, click the "Chatting" button.
Waiting For Other Participants To Arrive
You'll hear a "ding" every time somebody enters a room you've joined. If you find it distracting, click the microphone (Mute Button).
How To "UnJoin" A Room
To "Unjoin" any room, hover over its name and click the white “x” (appears on the right). If you decide to join the room again later you can do so by accessing the Room Roster.
Note: If you don't want to hear a ding every time somebody accesses the COM System, "Unjoin" the Lobby. 
To see who else has
accessed the COM System,
click the "Online" button! 
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