How To Host A CyberCOM Social
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Always start on time. Participants typically don’t appreciate waiting around.

As participants arrive, have them enter their names in the chat box.

Let everybody know they should mute themselves when they’re not talking.

Give a brief description of what the social is about, including the planned activities.

Make introductions. Starting with yourself, have every participant introduce themselves, including their name and where they're from. For fun you may want to come up with other details for participants to share relevant to the theme of the social. Don’t have them provide too much information at once. (Before beginning with the introductions, you may want to establish a speaking rotation based on when the participants arrived. Their names will appear in the Attendee List.)

Wrap things up on time and have everybody vacate the conference line and meeting room. Please thank them for participating, and let them know that they can continue socializing in the CyberLounge.





How To Host A CyberCOM Social